This Is What I Think About, When You Are On My Mind

Christopher Sardegna
Christopher Sardegna

When I think about you
I still feel the strength of the love I had for you
The extra-confidence, the extra-excitement
for everything that life could unfold
because you were in it.

When I think about you
I have the urge to hug you
and to look at your pretty face
I have that need to curl up against your chest
and abandon myself to your embrace.

When I think about you
I want to take your hand and show you the wonders of the world
I want us to be each other’s copilot on the road we’ll choose to ride.

When I think about you
Nothing scares me anymore
There are no obstacles big enough, no battles I won’t fight
I fear nothing
Nothing but you
handing me back the moon and the stars I was ready to give you
Nothing except you
avoiding my loving eyes because you don’t feel what I feel
Nothing but me
the lovesick bird caught in a daydream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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