10 Misconceptions You Have About Gogo Dancers That I Want To Clear Up


1. We are not strippers.

This sounds sort of obvious, but I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve casually mentioned that I’m a gogo dancer to anyone who asks me where I work on weekends and then they scramble to hide their judgmental expressions. One guy even started his next sentence with “so do strippers…?” I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with stripping. In fact, many gogo dancers do pole routines if the nightclub has one. However, he biggest differences are that: 1.) We don’t strip. 2.) We work at nightclubs, not strip clubs. 3.) … We don’t strip.

2. It’s a great workout.


We dance for 20-30 minutes intervals. Non-stop. With energy and facial expressions. 5-6 times a night. While you’re throwing back drink after drink to get enough courage to start dancing, we’ve been doing it sober for the past hour.

3. Men (generally) cannot touch us while we work.

My boyfriend hates that I gogo dance because he thinks men are falling all over me, when in reality I have a nice big bouncer next to my platform ready to push away any creeper trying to cop a feel. In between sets, I run to the dressing room and don’t come out until my next turn. Sometimes we’ll socialize, but it’s usually with the workers of the club and it’s just because we’re all basically family in this industry.

4. In fact, girls touch us more.

Women hit me on more often than men anyway.

5. We can see everything.

Hey, Jealous Girl mean-muggin’ me from across the club: news flash, I can fucking see you. Yes, Creepy Guido, I do in fact noticing you lick your lips while you’re watching me shake my ass. Just because we’re up on a platform dancing with flashing lights in our eyes doesn’t mean we can’t see you glaring and/or gawking at us from the dance floor.

6. We’re not unapproachable.

This may just be because I’m slightly narcissistic (my job is to dress up, dance well, and look hot, after all) but I absolutely love it when people ask to take pictures with me. We love it when you smile at us, or give a thumbs up, or even a high-five. I’m not saying to hit on us or try to go home with us, but at least give us some positive energy. We’re there for you!

7. Everything you see is fake.

Hair, eyelashes, boobs, everything.

8. We’re probably recruiting.

If only I had known when I was a wee young clubgoer gazing enviously at the goddesses dancing on the platforms that I, too, could ascend to their heaven and become a gogo dancer myself just by simply asking. If you have dance experience and the right look, come talk to us and ask us how to get a job. We’re more than happy to help a sista out and spread the gogo love.

9. But we’re still a little bitchy.

Don’t get it twisted. We are dancers after all, so we are straight up DI-VUHHS. We hog mirrors, costumes, accessories—it’s every dancer for themselves.

10. It’s one of the best side jobs ever.

I would never recommend this as a full-time career, but if you’re a college/grad student or would like to supplement your income, then you honestly can’t have a better part-time job. Yes, it’s tiring, it sucks up weekends, and we do have to deal with some crappy aspects like rude nightclub staff and staying up until 4 a.m. every weekend. But there’s no feeling like knowing you’re the center of attention and the hottest person in the room, and all eyes are on you for the night. Best of all, you’re getting paid pretty damn well for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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