The Trouble With Long Distance Relationships

Ethan Sykes

You wake up each morning counting the days when you get to be together. Each happy or significant occasion feels half empty. The days when you’re down feels even worse. The trouble with long distance relationships is you never get to experience each moment fully. A sense of longing and wanting to share everything with him lingers all the time.

Unlike regular couples, you get more attached to your gadgets and technology. The internet has become a vital part of the relationship. Worst are the days when all you want is a message or a glimpse of his face over skype but your wifi signal just wouldn’t let you do it.

The trouble with long distance relationships is you become reliant on any possible form of communication. In a world full of advancements in communication, it seems that nothing has been invented yet to make up for missing his touch. The effort you exert in arranging time to finally be together is tenfold. Airfare, your schedules, basically anything involved in planning time together requires extreme effort, oftentimes expensive too.

The trouble with long distance relationships is you spend more time planning a get together than actually being together. And by then, you can never seem to squeeze enough activities and topics to fit into the limited time that you have.

Relationships are never easy. But the beauty of being in love is that it can sparkle even in the strangest and most difficult circumstances, like being a million miles apart. Maybe it feels half empty without him by your side all the time. Take this time to get to know yourself better.

This is an opportunity for the both of you to discover new hobbies and activities. Take this as a chance to become a better version of yourself, for you and for him. This is one of the best gifts that you can offer each other. Verbal communication, they say, is one of the trickiest forms of communication.

One can say one thing and can mean another. But this is a chance for the both of you to explore different ways to express your feelings. Through this, you are able to take your relationship into a deeper level. One that goes beyond the physical. Missing each other means making sure that the next time you’re together, you make up for all the moments you missed. The thing about being together within a limited time is you get to appreciate
every single minute. Every kiss, very touch is precious. Each moment is so priceless that you save each one so you have something to keep until you see each other again.

The trouble with long distance relationships is you discover that there are a lot of things beyond being together. You learn that being in love is not only knowing how to touch his hand but also his heart and soul.

Distance can be difficult but by being apart, you learn to appreciate and cherish every single aspect of your relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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