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Allow Yourself To Feel Your Emotions Deeply

Feeling negative emotions, while difficult to face, is at the core of what makes us so human. It ultimately strengthens us and allows us to learn from our mistakes and our past. Whatever it is that we faced before will only build us into the kinder, more compassionate individuals that we strive to be.

Whatever it is that happened in our past—perhaps people walked out of your life, people that swore to love you who ended up leaving behind pain that could last a lifetime and the beautiful people you thought were forever and still ended up losing—we will grow from this.

It is this mindset that has carried me through some of my toughest moments, heartbreaks, grief, and loss. These days, I have learned to ground myself through the storms and trying times, breathing deeply and feeling a sense of calmness flowing through me whenever I feel lost and alone. I allow myself to feel every emotion—both good and bad—absorbing them and allowing space for them, but not letting them consume me. I reassure myself that I will be okay—I know that this, too, shall pass.

I continue to work every day towards exposing myself to what scares me; facing my fears allows me to understand that while it is normal to be scared, approaching my fears headfirst is an inner strength—a gift of courage and resilience. By acknowledging where I can make improvements, I am on a journey towards inner healing that will bring me true happiness within myself.

There is a beauty in knowing that better opportunities are ahead. There have been kind and genuine people that have been brought into my life to be by my side, to grow alongside me, and to bring joy. It is this hope and faith that has put together my broken pieces as I continue to truly find myself for the person I am.

As I wrap myself in self-compassion, I know that I am taking steps to counteract my fears, and within me, the peace I am looking for has finally been found.

Living, reflecting, and learning to be my best self.

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