I Am Learning To Forge My Own Path In Life

Why is it that some days, the past feels like a magnetic field, pulling me back to a place that I’m so desperately trying to outgrow? The past is in the past for a reason.The people that aren’t here anymore made their exit from my life for a reason. The memories that linger are moments frozen in time, forever to keep, but not always healthy to dwell on.

Why focus on the past when the future is full of possibilities? That drive inside of me that keeps me going is the exact same drive that makes me go confidently in the direction of my dreams. The paths I’ve been on have wandered through some very dark places, dead ends, and made me feel emotions that felt like I walked blindly off the edge of a cliff. But in the end, no matter my journey, I know that I’m heading towards greatness. I’m living the life that I’ve imagined. And when life takes another turn towards uncertainty, I remember the lessons I learned and try to find the light at the end of the tunnel again. I was lost, but then I found myself.

Why try to be someone else and try to follow their path when you can forge your own? After all, my story is not lived by anyone else except me. Sometimes I’m scared to be alone on this journey. Despite that, no one can tell me what to dream of or tell me what I can or cannot do. Every time something threatens to push me back a few steps, I remember that I have it inside me to fight and overcome any challenge. I remind myself that it’s normal to be afraid, but it takes extraordinary courage to rise above what tries to bring you down and keep doing it over and over until you win.

These days, I ask more questions. I want to know why certain things happen. I always wonder why the power of human connections can change you forever. I struggle with why we all seem to hurt so much when all we ever try to do are the right things.

I turn those questions into growth and action. I want to know how I can make positive things happen. I want to recognize how the people who stayed in my life and the people who left both taught me valuable lessons. I want to learn how to take responsibility for my struggles and gracefully turn them into inner empowerment.

As long as I keep asking myself questions and going through life to find the answers, I’ve learned that I’ll be okay. It’s only the beginning.

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