Your Time To Move Forward Will Come

The world conditions us to move forward, to never show our vulnerabilities out of fear of being left behind. After all, everything in our culture and society seems to only reinforce that the world doesn’t wait for anyone. To some extent, it is true, but it should never be the defining factor of your life, your aspirations, or your emotions.

Part of accepting myself as I am has been reassuring myself that it’s okay (and very normal) to be stuck in the same place for a while. It’s okay to not know where things are going, where every day feels a little like you’re stepping out into the unknown, somewhere out of your comfort zone. It’s okay to watch people move on and to watch people come and go from your life and feel like you’re falling behind when you’re not keeping up.

The most dangerous part of facing that realization is the feeling of inadequacy. But if that’s the only thing you ever take from this, it will become a roadblock that works against you.

Progress is relative, and it is what you make of it. For some, progress is measured in leaps and bounds. For others, baby steps are all that is needed. Whatever you feel most comfortable with, that is what you should compare it to. No one else’s opinion matters when it comes to you deciding what your next step is. That’s yours to own.

It’s difficult being able to move forward when the past only seems to hold you back at every twist and turn, but that’s because the past is inevitably part of your story. It’s a part of your history, but you don’t have to let it solely determine your wellbeing and your happiness.

Don’t let your troubles chip away at you; instead, let them be the stepping stones to becoming a little bit stronger every day. You are undoubtedly worth so much more than the people who decide to make your life difficult, so much more than the insecurities and pressures, and so much more than all the times the outcome wasn’t what you had foreseen it to be.

Your time will come, I promise. For now, hold on to your convictions. Hold on to who you are as a person, not who the world is telling you to be. Hold on to the fact that you will not back down without a fight.

Most of all, hold on to the fact that whatever life has planned for you, you will move forward when you least expect it—and the time will be rightThought Catalog Logo Mark

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