No Matter What You’ve Been Through, Choose To Forgive Yourself

Knowing yourself completely, understanding yourself intimately, and trusting yourself wholeheartedly means forgiving yourself of your shortcomings.

No one is perfect. No one has everything right on the first try. No one can neglect reflection if we’re truly on a road to self-betterment and self-care.

Every one of us has had to come to a crossroad, a fork in the path where we either had to choose what we selfishly wanted or choose what was right. Every one of us has done something disastrously wrong, only to realize our mistakes far too late. Every one of us has been at our lowest point, falling on our knees as a broken soul, praying for our lives to turn around.

Learning to forgive is the most courageous process you can commit to. It is admitting, with humility, that you’re not always going to make the right decisions, or say the right things, or be empathetic in a situation that deserved it. It is admitting that you are only human. 

In those moments of weakness, choose to forgive yourself. It is okay to feel weak, to feel like the weight of the world rests on your shoulders, and to feel like wherever you go, the rain pours down from dark skies. It is okay to fall apart, but after that, empower yourself by rising up even higher than you ever have before. Be the one that learned from their tribulations and used it to become the best version of themselves.

It is okay to feel lost and alone on this journey, but this is your path, and only you can walk it. You wouldn’t be yourself if all your successes and failures weren’t your own. You wouldn’t fully cultivate your true identity if your life only followed a straight path with no roadblocks. Through it all, remember to be kind and compassionate to others, but remind yourself that you matter too.

In your moments of despair, in the trials that test your resilience, and in the thunderstorms that fill your mind when you’re troubled, forgive yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Living, reflecting, and learning to be my best self.

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