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When You Fall In Love With Yourself, You Become Limitless

When I fell in love with who I had become, versus the anxious person who continually self-sabotaged herself, I knew that I could fall in love with life — and eventually also with someone who embraces all of me with open arms, and with a kind heart and a beautiful soul.

I Am Finding Strength In Solitude

woman wearing gray shirt facing town near mountain during daytime

I long to get away from the city noise to reset myself — to drive on the old highway down by the water, keeping my eyes steady on the winding road as it follows the coastline.

Your Story Deserves To Be Heard

No one knows my story at a first glance, and no one will know yours. But I promise, I will always try to see the good in you and understand how you got to where you are now. 

Finally, I Am Free

What happened cannot be reversed or erased from my mind, but I hope that day by day, those memories will fade away and eventually be lost.