24 Rules I’ve Learned To Live By, Now That I’ve Turned The Big 24

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Aleks Dahlberg

I blinked and now I’m 24. Where the FUCK does time go. Probably, to all my blackouts and racked up bar tabs, oops. Cheers to anyone who’s reached the big 24. Here’s a list of 24 things I’ve learned to live by in no particular order.

1. Always, always, put yourself first. You’ve got to take care of yourself before you start thinking about taking care of anyone else.

2. Spend more time by yourself. Hanging out with yourself and getting to know what you want out of life is a lot less scary than it’s made out to be.

3. Save your money. Learn how to budget your money. Put your needs before your wants. You’ll stop being stressed out all the time.

4. Be greedy with your time. We all have friends, but some people are only in it for what they can get out of you. Don’t let people use you or waste your time.

5. Get a hobby. Get a few. Spend time doing things that’re going to benefit your personal growth.

6. Stop getting drunk every weekend. Going out every weekend really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Trust me, you’re not missing out on anything, but an empty bank account and a few bruises come Monday morning.

7. Rethink how you use social media. Spend more time using social media as a tool to get potential job offers and less on what Kylie Jenner or your ex-boyfriend are up to.

8. Be good to your body. College was the time to get drunk often and eat Ramen noodles 3 times a day. At 24 learn to cook for yourself and work-out a few days a week. Tip: drink water, less wrinkles.

9. Form an opinion. Read the news, stay up-to-date with politics, global affairs, etc. It’s relevant in all aspects of life.

10. Become a part of your community. Volunteer, explore new restaurants, join a club. Don’t just lay in bed and watch Netflix.

11. Travel. So what if you have to travel alone? Don’t be a hermit, go learn about the world for yourself.

12. Be kind, humble, and compassionate. In a world discombobulated by hate, choose to be respectful to your fellow men. Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

13. Make time for your family. Remember, you’re not getting any younger and neither are your parents. Find time in your busy schedule to remind them you love and cherish them.

14. Read, read, and read more. Most people feel like they read enough in college, but reading is essential. Just because you received your diploma doesn’t mean you should stop learning.

15. Get a pet. This is the time you transition from reckless college student to adult. A companion is essential for personal growth. If anything, a pet gives you a reason to come home after a night out drinking.

16. Face your fears. No use holding back now, you’re not getting any younger. Besides, failing isn’t the end of the world, it’s a learning experience. Go. For. It.

17. Forgive yourself. We’ve all done things we’re not particularly proud of. There’s no point in punishing yourself for it, it already happened. Learn from your experiences, grow from them.

18. Love yourself. We all want to find our soulmate, but it’s important to learn how to live alone before making a commitment to someone else.

19. Embrace change. As much as we want everything to stay the same, time won’t allow that. Learn to accept and appreciate the things that come into your life.

20. Define yourself. Figure out what your passion(s) are and build off them. Mold yourself and create a brand that exemplifies the person you are and want to continue to be.

21. Open your eyes. We often spend too much time focused on materialistic things or on what other people are doing. We forget to just stop and appreciate the simple things around us. Take time to appreciate the simplicity of life.

22. Believe. There are a lot of people that don’t claim a specific religion, but it’s important to find things that inspire you to be your best self. It’s essential to getting older and growing up.

23. Be bored. We’re taught that if we’re not constantly doing something we won’t be successful, but there is a strong comfort felt when we do absolutely nothing. It helps you connect with your inner being. Be bored more often.

24. Keep on, keeping on. 24 is a pretty large number, but in retrospect we’re still quite young. Embrace the time you have on this planet and don’t waste it, never take it for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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