11 Reasons He’s A Dick (But Only Because You Let Him Be)

 Daryn Bartlett
Daryn Bartlett

Guys are simple. Guys are easy. And it’s time for us girls to wrap our head around this. Guys will give us respect if we demand it; if they don’t, and choose not to pursue us then it’s more than likely their loss anyway. However, if we continue to allow guys to act a certain way toward us then we’re enabling them to act like dicks because we’re simply implying that no matter what they do we’ll always be there.

1. He Calls You At 3am, You Answer

Unless your intentions are to be his booty call, I would advise you not to answer. I know it seems cute that he’s thinking about you at 3am, but there’s a very good chance you’re not the only one he’s thinking about. However, if you answer, you might be the only one that does, so just don’t. Don’t answer and most definitely, for what ever reason, don’t invite him over.

2. He Calls You A Bitch, You Break Down And Cry

If he ever partakes in the use of derogatory language when upset or angry with you, don’t respond. Don’t allow him the satisfaction of knowing you care. Your best bet is to shed a few tears in the dark underneath your covers and not contact him until he gives you a worthwhile apology.

3. He Talks About Other Girls Around You, You Listen Even Though It Makes You Insecure

For whatever reason he thinks its cute to talk about other girls around you, please shut it down. It is the most disrespectful thing a guy could do to a girl. So, instead of feeling insecure, grab your phone, contact people that actual enjoy spending time with you, and tell him you have to go.

4. He’s Wishy-Washy About His Feelings For You, You Believe He’ll Come To His Senses

If he can’t or won’t be straight up about what he feels or wants from you then don’t bother with him. Never wait around for someone that wouldn’t wait around for you.

5. He Takes You Out To Dinner, You End Up Paying

Being a girl and paying for a date isn’t a bad thing, but when he’s the one asking to hangout or take you on a date and then you end up paying for him…that’s a huge red flag; he’s using you.

6. You Buy Him Something For His Birthday, He Doesn’t Even Know When Yours Is

You care about him and you pay attention to his interests, so of course you’re going to buy him a gift. Unfortunately, he probably won’t hangout with you on his birthday let alone ask, text, call, or even hangout with you on your birthday.

7. His Friends Don’t Know You Exist, Your Friends Know Exactly Who He Is

If you spend a good portion of your time with your friends talking about him, when he’s never invited you to hangout with his friends then, they probably don’t know you exist. It’s possible they might, but I don’t think they know you by you name, but probably more along the lines of “booty call.”

8. You Tell Him You Love Him, He Reminds You That You’ll Never Be His

You constantly remind him of your feelings for him as if that would change anything. He knows how you feel, and yet he doesn’t care. He’ll avoid telling you he doesn’t love you back because he probably doesn’t want the drama, it’s not because he doesn’t want to hurt you. However, when he gets bothered enough he’ll be right there to remind you that you’ll never be his.

9. He Takes You For Granted, He’s The Apple Of Your Eye

He doesn’t see how great you are because you give him everything he wants. You give him everything he wants because you want to make him happy, but what you don’t realize is your giving 150% when he’s giving you none.

10. You’re Up Late With Him Running Through Your Mind, He’s Sound Asleep

You’re tossing and turning in your bed, frustrated because all you want to do is sleep, but you can’t get him out of your head. You might even write an article about him, yet all knowing he’s sound asleep in his bed…or maybe…someone else’s and he doesn’t give a damn about you.

11. You Waste All Your Time On The Idea Of Him, He’s Out There Living His Life

You’ve hoaxed in your mind for so long that he’s the one for you. Not realizing you’re only wasting your time on someone who isn’t wasting theirs on you.

Just remember you have to be accountable for yourself. You can’t allow someone to walk all over you like you’re yesterdays news. I guarantee if you stop enabling this behavior by focusing more on what you want and less about what he wants he’ll stop being such a dick.

So, do what he’s doing and go out there and live your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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