I Write About Summer Like A Lost Love

Christopher Campbell

I write about summer like a lost love

I lament how it used to be

When I was young and carefree

When time didn’t exist and all that mattered was the ever-present now.

The sun enveloped me back then

But I embraced any sunburn,

any tangled hair, drenched in chlorine,

any saltwater tainting my tongue.

My summer winds brought forth change

Its breezes carried another beginning,

another lesson for me to seize in its mist.


My affinity has waned over the years

I care more about being uncomfortable;

I can’t handle the heat the same,

and I find myself loosening my grip.

As I grow up, timelines become clear

Responsibility becomes clear

Summer and I keep growing further and further apart.


But I write about summer like a lost love

A lost love I have not moved on from

Not completely,

not in earnest.

Because summer, I do not want to fully lose you

Let’s still honor what we shared

Let’s still reconnect

Let’s still be a team.

Pave your hot streets towards transformation.

I still count on you to not let me down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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