The Moments Where I Am Most Sensitive

Micah Hill

I. When I’m in the shadows of girls who are explicitly beautiful

When I ask if you think I am just cute and hope there is more behind your lips

II. When we touch for the first time as the morning sun rises

When it becomes firmly planted in memory

When I feel my heart growing wild and my walls dismantling

When I know it is love

III. When I don’t get so drunk; when I don’t take drugs

When I like the feeling of being in control

When I like the arms of stability

When I like being rooted to the ground

IV. When I retreat

When I recharge so I have more light to give

When I want others to see that light

V. When I’m in tune to every physical sensation in my body

When I do not feel well

When I say I should rest

When I need to say no instead of yes

VI. When I react; when I hurt; when I cry

When I’m needy like a restless child

When I’m fragile like a glass vase

VII. When I know that, still,

My foundation is impenetrable

And one that will not break. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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