7 Spectacular Things Summer Has Me Daydreaming About

1. Summer has me daydreaming about prancing — yes prancing — through sprinklers in a blood orange- colored sundress, while Lana Del Ray’s “Radio” echoes: now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I’m living in.

2. Summer has me daydreaming about air conditioning and sitting deathly still as the cool air blasts on my face and whips my hair, whispering its hums and whirs in my ear. Away from excruciating walks outside, where every step feels significant because it’s so hot and muscles are so exhausted and nausea is embedded within humidity, ganging up on me like a threat in a dark alleyway.

3. Summer has me daydreaming about escape; escape the sweat that oozes from my pores, the sticky hands, the sunburned skin, the sand lodged between crevices, the dry throats, unequivocally dying of thirst. Forego it all for submerging in chlorine; allow the cold water to devour my body. Forego it all for floating in the ocean; rise and fall with the waves and go with the current and sing pop songs and feel lighter than ever.

4. Summer has me daydreaming about banana and pistachio and chocolate spumoni flavors and diving into tubs of ice cream and slurping down the bluest blue raspberry slurpee without my stomach protesting in discord.

5. Summer has me daydreaming about my childhood; lightening bugs that glow and sparklers that excite and amusement parks that feature crazy rides and log flumes and firecracker popsicles that drip down my mouth in the messiest of fashions.

6. Summer has me daydreaming about freshly cut grass and backyard barbecues with paper plates and lemonade; summer has me daydreaming about adamantly pouring iced water over my head, drenching my face, trickling down my clothes, a shield from the ungodly heat, without receiving odd stares from observers.

7. Summer has me daydreaming about the magical elixir encumbered in the season that propels moments that will be unforgettable in summers to come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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