You Should Love A Leo

Leos are a walking paradox but in a good way. They are a sun sign who emit luminous rays of light but can also be so calm, cool and collected. Filled with passion and generosity, you will find yourself in one of the most intense relationships should you find yourself lucky enough to love a Leo. But don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with the mind games with these straightforward leaders who already know what they want.

You should love a Leo if you want a lifelong love. Leos are ferociously faithful. There is no coincidence between the lion symbol and a Leo’s loyalty. Once a Leo finds a partner that can handle their sometimes over-the-top personality, they stop looking for other options. They know they have met their match and they will do anything to keep them. You can expect that no matter what happens, your Leo will always be by your side. A Leo’s commitment to you will shine through even in the darkest of times.

You should love a Leo if you want to know exactly where you stand in your relationship. Leos can be painfully straightforward. There is no hiding of emotions with a Leo because they want their lives to be as uncomplicated and transparent as possible. With everything they put on their own plate, they really just don’t have time for the back and forth. So for this reason, they will always tell you exactly what they are thinking. Good or bad, you will know what a Leo thinks of you. You can put the mind games in the past if you love a Leo.

You should love a Leo if you want to step out of your comfort zone. Leos are fearless thrill-seekers always looking for the next adrenaline rush. It could be something as crazy as jumping out of an airplane or as simple as tasting a new food, but a Leo will try anything once. With their daring drive, they know how exhilarating the rush of a new experience is and will want a partner who is open to exploring the world around them. And the best part is when you share these moments with a Leo, it fires a deeper, unparalleled connection between you both.

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You should love a Leo if you want a love that only continues to get better. The best (and arguably worst) thing about Leos is their ability to read people. They will know you better than you know yourself. They will know all your flaws but love you all the more for them. As self-proclaimed problem solvers and fixers, Leos will work through these things to make your perfect love even more perfect. With a Leo it is all or nothing, failure just isn’t an option, and your love is no different.

You should love a Leo if you want a strong partner. Another nod to their feline character, Leos are fiercely independent. When a Leo decides to do something, they won’t need or look for your approval because they are already so sure of themselves. Their optimism and determination will power them through any mishaps and you can count on a Leo to pick themselves up after they fall. This can be intimidating but allows you to step back and admire their accomplishments without feeling overwhelmed or burdened by their needs.

You should love a Leo if you want to fall in love with your best friend. Leos are social creatures. While innately radiating good vibes to make themselves happy, they just can’t help but share that with everyone around them. They would do anything to make the people they love the smile and would go through hell and back if it meant making someone else happy. Your Leo will be the light in your life that you never knew you needed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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