9 Thoughts You Have The Semester After You Study Abroad

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You’ve traveled the world, taken pictures, mastered (read: struggled through) another language, and made memories to last a lifetime. Now you’re back in America. This semester has just seemed…off. Here are a few things that may have crossed your mind this semester after your study abroad adventure.

1. You feel trapped.

Last semester you could decide on Tuesday that you were going to hop on a bus to Portugal on Thursday. Now you’re feeling stuck in your college town. You miss the spur-of-the-moment trips and the ease of traveling.

2. School is hard. Let’s be honest.

You didn’t go abroad for the classes. You went for the lessons learned from simply living in another country. Now back at school, you actually have to go to class five days a week. And you have (gasp!) homework.

3. The drinking age is the worst.

If you’re as unlucky as me, you returned home still under the age of 21. You miss being able to order a glass of wine at dinner…and yes, those shot bars were pretty cool, too. And even if you’re 21, showing your ID is something you forgot you had to do here.

4. So is public transportation.

Newsflash, America: your public transportation is severely lacking. You have to drive everywhere now. You long for those metro rides through the tunnels of your favorite cities.

5. Midnight is not bedtime.

Why is no one awake? Last semester, you were just beginning your night at 11. The good clubs didn’t even open until 1 am. You’re wired to go all night, but all of America is asleep as the clock strikes midnight.

6. Siestas need to be a thing.


7. At least the men aren’t creepy here.

You probably don’t miss getting hit on by the Italian men at the bars whispering compliments in your ear. Though you do probably miss their offers to buy you drinks. Trade offs…

8. No one wants to listen to my stories.

You had the most incredible semester, and all you want to do is talk about it. “Look at this picture!” “Did I tell you about the time that we…” “When I was abroad…” The thing is, your friends don’t really want to hear about it. Sure, there are some that are genuinely interested. But when most people ask, “How was your semester abroad?” they aren’t really looking for the hour-long story time you want to have. Thank goodness for your study abroad friends, always willing to recount the same stories over and over.

9. I’m ready to go back.

You’ve looked at ticket prices. You’ve Google Street-Viewed your apartment. You’ve looked through your photo albums so much you have them memorized. It’s time to start planning your next adventure to your favorite city on Earth! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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