In This Time Of Stillness, Let Us Remember Our Humanness

In our humanness, we have forgotten.

We have spent what feels like a lifetime moving so quickly that we have forgotten to stop and pause. To take a breath and remind ourselves what remains in the quiet amidst the stillness. What has been in plain sight that we have dismissed as we race towards an invisible finish line.

There is a wide open space in the in-between that carries with it a voice we have ignored. It has asked us ever so gently in whispers to please take a moment each morning before we begin our day. To sit in gratitude for all that is. For the comfort of the beds we sleep in, the sounds of the footsteps from our family and pets that are greeting us when we wake. Or for some, the joy they find in the solitude of their space.

It has asked us to notice the morning light that spills into our windows and the subtle sounds outside our homes. The books that line our shelves, waiting to fill us with imagination and intrigue. The food that fills our cupboards and allows us to share a meal with the ones we love. The simple generosity that comes from the stranger holding the door.

These subtle hints have been there for us all along. They have been given freely in moments throughout our days, yet we have moved from task to task as if the act of constant movement would somehow ease our tired minds. Planning ahead, thinking ahead. Always doing, yet not truly being.

In our humanness, we have forgotten.

We have forgotten the truth that we are interconnected—all beings across all lands. That our lives are lived separately, but are deeply woven together in ways we have misunderstood.

There is a bridge that unites us more than it divides. It asks to be driven with sincere compassion, understanding, and love. It does not react with force or judgment. It moves on with grace and ease, and when we slow down to take in the views it offers, magic begins to appear.

It has the capacity to reset, rejuvenate, restore, and remarkably heal.

The voice that was once whispering has now begun to shout. We have been thrown into contrast to see more clearly. To see what has been within our grasp all along.

In this time of quiet and stillness, choose to lean into that voice that has shown us the resiliency of our human spirit. The generosity of our neighbors, the love circling our homes, and the natural healing of our planet as we have allowed her to breathe.

In our humanness, let’s remember that collectively, our energy can move us forward in the way we have been meant to move—with loving intention, clarity, alignment, and love.

In our humanness, let’s remember all we have forgotten.

The best things are wild and free

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