This One’s For The Wanderers

This is for the wanderers, the ones who are fully open to all that life has to give. They see magic in a world that is expansive, that offers so much to explore. It leaves them wanting more. They are the ones who believe before they see. Their hearts are an open book, every page more delicate and sacred than the next.

If you are that wanderer whose heart sings songs of freedom, who craves unknown lands, who follows your passions with reverence and grace, you may question why the universe asks you to feel at home with those who see the world through different eyes. But nothing will ever manifest in our lives that isn’t there to support our path or to lead us to to ask ourselves the burning questions. To remind us of who we are.

The souls who appeared on your path with a different longing on this journey may break you open. But the light that shines through those cracks is yours to hold up and honor. It is your choice to decide how you are carried through expansiveness, allowing yourself to remain in the freedom of your truth.

If some on your path bring a darkness that clouds your mind, understand that this too is a gift. They will never speak of containment or control, if you so choose.

Continue to love in such a way that your heart remains wide open and full of light. Allow your open heart to send them love and gently let them go with ease and grace.

Their path is not meant for you to carry them. They must learn to carry themselves as you have.

Your heart will have been made stronger as you continue on. Beginnings will continue to hide themselves in ends. With steady movement and ease through the dark, you will journey effortlessly toward the light. It is this movement that allows for the storm to break.

It’s okay, my love, to choose your wandering open heart again and again.

Deciding to honor your life’s path and remain true to what your soul asks can be a tricky road to navigate as we go through life. But following your heart, despite detours, will always lead you to where you most belong.

The most beautiful paths will continue to reveal themselves to the wanderers. The ones holding all the light with their open hearts for those who haven’t yet found the strength to stand in it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

The best things are wild and free

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