5 Things To Do After He Completely Breaks Your Heart

Shamim Nakhai

1. Go to the gym.

I know. But hear me out. Your goal doesn’t need to be a Khloe Kardashian revenge bod. Going to the gym makes you feel better and you need all the endorphins you can get right now.

2. Stop thinking about him.

And not just thinking about him. Stop writing, listening to sad songs, and reading breakup articles (but, go ahead and finish this one). Stop all of it. When he randomly pops into your head, tell yourself, “I’m choosing not to give him my time.”

Then think about something else. It’s simple and it’s not easy, but it works.

3. Delete social media.

Seriously! Get it off your phone for a week. We habitually check our social media accounts and they play some evil tricks.

When you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, you don’t need to see that he has three new (girl) friends. So don’t even go there. And because we mindlessly open those apps, the best thing to do is delete.

4. Replace him.

We all know the phrase. And it’s true. Find a guy who can replace what you’re missing from him ASAP. Maybe it’s physical intimacy, maybe it’s emotional support. Either way, just pick

He might not be as great as the guy you’re missing (who’s an idiot for losing you, btw). But, the point isn’t to find a husband. It’s to find someone to take up your time for a little while.

5. Keep track of your progress.

Speaking of time, it really does make things better. Right now, you might feel like there could never possibly be a day that goes by when you don’t think of him. There’s something about that feeling that breaks your heart a little more. After you’ve taken a few days to mourn, put a reminder in your phone for one week out. And then another week out. And then a month after that. Notice how you feel on each of those days.

I promise, it’ll be better.

You guys, when your heart hurts, it’s hard to image a day when it won’t. But please hear this: you can make it better. Try to remember that this is just a part of your story.

Now you can stop reading breakup articles. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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