The Last Photo My Camera Ever Took

While recently on a trip to New York, I decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the first time I had seen the city’s skyline from afar – it was an instantly recognisable collection of shapes. Shapes that felt so familiar to me as these were the images produced again and again in television shows and films that I had grown up watching. It was a beautiful day; the combination of the sun, the scene before me, and the sense of freedom one is overcome with when about to embark on solo travels had me feeling absolutely invincible.



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  • onegirlnodiet

    the cyclists on the bk bridge sorta bug me…because if you actually wanted to go on a serious/fast bike ride, you shouldn't be on a bridge where every tourist in the entire city is milling around taking awesome photos.

    • Caroline

      Some of us cyclists, like me, on the BK Bridge are going to work and have just as much right to the bike path half of the lane as the pedestrians do to their half. As someone who rides the bridge most days, I've had many near misses with tourists who step out into the bike lane to take photos, often so absorbed in their photography that they don't hear my bell. Of course, I ride slow enough that I can stop at any second to avoid hitting them, as should all bikers. 

      I think there should be a physical barrier to make pedestrians aware of the bike lane, similar to a sidewalk curb on regular streets.

      • onegirlnodiet

        Yeah, I mean, I ride my bike on the bridge too. But I don't expect to be going at a race pace like some people I've seen…simply because there is a bike lane doesn't mean people who aren't familiar with biking in cities are going to be aware of it and respect it. It's easy to forget that when you're a new yorker.

      • Caroline

        exactly. I think going slow is the key, since people who aren't used to bikes won't know to look out for them. Also having a good bell, and being prepared to break.

  • Michael Koh

    'the last photo' has a nice ring

  • mm

    haha i had that kind of fate too
    I am about to leave Italy (where I have been here for a year) and I was taking a picture of myself from a shelf to show the new dress I bought to my friends and family back in the states, and when I started to press the button, as I lifted my hand up the camera got caught and started heading towards the ground (also with my lotion) i tried to save both but both fell on the ground and my lense got jammed and now I can't get it working…

    This camera is so precious to me since I have had it on all my travels and now I can't even work it for these final days I am here…

    sometimes I ask: HOW could I be soo self-absorbed to risk my camera just for a stupid picture in horrible lighting?

  • Greg Petliski

    Hey at least it didnt go overboard, you'da lost the memory card and the photo too.

    I remember when my Canon 20D finally went kaput after 150,000 shutter cycles (3x the expected use).

  • JB

    I read this because I, too, have a “last photo” from a Canon.  But it looked like mustard and ketchup because the lens was broken.  It's always sad to lose a camera that's been a good companion.  It took me a few months, but now I have a camera with a replaceable lens.  :)

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