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The Last Photo My Camera Ever Took

This was the last photo my camera ever took; this photo symbolised conquest and freedom one second, and then in a blink of an eye and a cruel twist of irony later it caused my relationship with that camera to come to an abrupt end.

The Implications of Turning 22 In A Foreign City

I felt like screaming at him “HELLO, HASN’T ANYONE EVER TOLD YOU THAT IF A GIRL WANTS YOU TO STAY OVER FOR BIRTHDAY SEX YOU MUST OBLIGE?” It isn’t even something that regular people need to be told; I thought it was just general knowledge.

How Nice Guys Can Use The Sympathy Method to Get a Girl

The annoying things I hate about the person develop into the cute things I love about the person, and before I know it I lose all feeling of control, and I keep running back for more.  What follows is an example of a perfect execution of what I will call the sympathy method to getting a girl. It is particularly useful for nice guys who are really well intentioned but unfortunately lack the attitude and confidence to get the desired girl.