15 Reasons Girls Study Abroad In College

Boys who have a similar thought process, keep being awesome.
image - Flickr / Francisco Antunes
image – Flickr / Francisco Antunes

1. Italy: I want to stuff my face with pasta and cheese and have it be completely justifiable because dammit, I’m in Italy.

2. Budapest: The conversion rate is fantastic.

3. Paris: I want to be Madeline and eat a baguette under the Eiffel Tower.

4. London: I want to take a picture at Platform 9 3/4. I also want to use the phrase, “bloody brilliant” and have it be socially acceptable.

5. Milan: I think I’m fabulous.

6. Greece: I want to find myself a Kostos, wear sundresses, and Instagram pictures of boats.

7. Brussels: I heard Belgium has great chocolate, so I booked a flight.

8. Oslo: I want to be different. It’s in Norway, right?

9. Morocco: I want my profile picture to be of me riding a camel.

10. Amsterdam: Pot.

11. Germany: I love boys who love beer.

12. Barcelona: I want to be a Cheetah Girl and strut like I mean it.

13. Lisbon: Ryanair was having a special.

14. Rome: I want to be Lizzie McGuire, get mistaken for a pop star, and ride a Vespa with a beautiful man.

15. Dublin: I want to get hammered and tour the Guinness Factory in that order. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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