9 Brief Thoughts On Cara Delevingne’s Awkward Interview

I am not a huge Cara Delevingne fan. My knowledge of her begins and ends with the fact that she is incredible at Dubsmash, and that she is an actor in several upcoming films. I don’t particularly like her or dislike her. I am totally unsure of how to pronounce her last name, no matter how many times I hear it said aloud. I am excited for her role in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I didn’t know she has an accent until I watched her viral interview on “Good Day Sacramento.” Suffice it to say, I don’t know a great deal about her. I did, however, catch wind of some horribly awkward interview with her via said internet. I watched it, and I feel that calling it an “awkward interview” on Cara’s part is unfair and untrue. The way she was treated as a GUEST of the show (do those people know she was a guest?) is not only upsetting, but a little insulting to females, humans, actors, young people… take your pick. Here are a few thoughts I have after watching the train wreck that was that interview.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7_h1jRIuNU&w=560&h=315%5D

  1. Can the female anchor read? She starts off right away calling Cara “Carla.” Can she not read the teleprompter? How did she get her job? This isn’t even an issue of Cara’s fame, but really a matter of professionalism. You’re going to screw up this actor’s NAME? For ten minutes, it was this anchor’s job to know this actor’s name so as to successfully interview her. So this woman either doesn’t care about her job or she can’t read. No wonder Cara looks perturbed immediately. It’s a safe bet to assume Cara has a teleprompter on her end that just flashed CARLA.
  2. The female news anchor somehow gets John Green’s name right, which is a miracle because it, like Cara, also has four enormous letters.
  3. Why does this anchor think it’s hilarious to ask if Cara had time to read the book like it’s a great joke?
  4. She doesn’t know Cara isn’t CARLA but somehow has access to information that Cara is busy?
  5. The male anchor asked the weirdest, creepy-uncle question ever. He ends with “what do you think.” What? I don’t… what? Are these real anchors?
  6. Other male news anchor says, “Are you just exhausted” and says Cara’s not excited. HOW IS THAT A QUESTION FOR A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR WHO IS GRACIOUS ENOUGH TO VISIT YOUR SHOW?
  7. Cara continually makes an effort to keep it light, throwing in jokes of her own, despite these three’s absolute inability to steer a successful conversation. Despite the insulting, condescending tones and absurd questions, she still tries to turn it around multiple times.
  8. “You seem irritated.” Is this real life? I cannot believe this anchor has the nerve to say that to anyone, let alone someone on live TV, let alone a GUEST of the show. What response does she hope to illicit with that? Frankly, I am aghast at this point in the interview, because to me, it seems like the female anchor especially is trying to belittle Cara and clearly has no regard for professional conduct or making this interview anything BUT awkward for “Carla.”
  9. “We’ll let you go, then. Let you go take a nap… get a Red Bull.” WHAT. ON. EARTH. My jaw has dropped and I can’t believe this isn’t a gag reel. The anchor’s tone while saying they’ll “let Cara go” is demeaning and curt; to the point that she sounds threatened and like she WANTS Cara to cut the feed.

The only conclusion I can arrive at is that this was a PR stunt on this network’s part, because clearly the conduct of these three anchors was absurd enough to go viral. Cara held it together very well for someone who was being completely condescended to on live TV. I am shocked that there are professionals out there who would treat another professional so disrespectfully. It makes me think Cara’s success, youth, looks, and/or gender are somehow at play in not assuring that her experience in this interview was pleasant or, at the very least, professional. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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