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26 Conversation Starters To Troll Your Nerdy Friends

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1. Hey, what’s your favorite Liam Neeson movie? I really liked when he played Boromir.

2. Who’s your favorite Dr. Who? Mine’s definitely Daniel Craig.

3. Which of the Lord of the Rings movies is the best?
Them: (insert answer)
You: I dunno… Twin Towers is so good.

4. Ask: Who’s your favorite Avenger?
Them: (insert answer)
You: Spiderwoman, definitely (because she was really an Avenger and this will just piss them off that you know something).

5. I get so annoyed when people think Ian McKellen played Dumbledore. It’s obviously Christopher Plummer. (If you really want eyes to roll out of heads, tack on at the end: Especially since Ian McKellen died right after the first one was made!)

6. I wish we could go to Comic Con this year. Maybe Tobey McGuire will be on the Spiderman 2 panel!

7. I hate the new Spiderman movies. How could they take MJ and replace her with some made up character named Gwen Stacy? (My own head hurts writing that.)

8. Katie Holmes is so great as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins.

9. I didn’t know Thor was a comic book.

10. I didn’t know Thor was from mythology. OR even better: It’s so cool how much Marvel has thought up for the Thor universe. It’s like mythology or something.

11. XMEN Origins; Wolverine is such a good movie. Especially with Taylor Kitsch as Gambit.

12. I saw that they tried to make a book of Sin City.

13. The guy they picked to play older Zachary Quinto in Star Trek doesn’t even look like him at all.

14. Did you know that Professor X and Dumbledore are in a play together in NYC right now?

15. I love the Game of Thrones show.

16. Did you know that Liam Neeson is in Game of Thrones? Yeah, he dies in the first season.

17. I didn’t know Les Mis was going to be all singing.

18. Did you know that the guy who directed Jack Ryan; Shadow Recruit is the same guy who directed Thor? What’s his name again?

19. Whoever he is, he really nailed the role of Jane Foster by casting Natalie Portman.

20. My favorite Star Wars movie is The Phantom Menace.

21. No seriously, what is wrong with Jar Jar Binks?

22. I used to have a dog named Romulus. #1 reaction was: Oh like from Harry Potter?

23. Now I have a dog named Artemis. #1 reaction: Oh like from the Three Musketeers?

24. Who is Neil Gaiman?

25. I loved Superman Returns (Okay, I actually did. Sorry, nerddom, but I did).

26. Samuel L. Jackson was the best Jedi. TC mark

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