Life Is Like A Mirror

There is nothing more terrifying in life than getting to know yourself – truly. That is, knowing your value, what makes you happy and how you can positively impact those who be surround you on a daily basis. The catch is that we’re taught to look outward for confirmation and validation of who we are and who we want to be. We’re constantly chasing the external to distract ourselves from the internal, looking for the material to mask the emotional and the meaningful.

My Grandpa used to say that he loved looking into mirrors, not because he was vain or self-absorbed but because they reminded him that he was a person with layers and complexities and character. And he was right, life is like a mirror. Some people use it to stare at themselves until cracks appear over time and others glance, taking their individuality at face value. One day you could look at yourself and see one version of yourself and the next day you could see something totally different.

Most people’s reflections aren’t clear cut or a total picture, they’re polarized and conflicted. They fight against what they see and who they are, never getting a long enough glimpse to make the picture permanent. People assume the cracks are bad, seven years worth of bad luck, bad. The cracks don’t distort our view; they enable us to see what’s beneath the mask we build ourselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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