13 Things That Happen When You’re Dating Someone You Really Like


1. Assume their silence is because of something ridiculous you said and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they’re a functioning adult with actual responsibilities.

2. Imagining the two of you supermarket shopping together and wondering if they’d prefer salt and vinegar or sour cream Pringles? (Salt and vinegar, of course).

3. In a desperate bid not to seem too eager, you wait an hour to respond to their text… even though you mentally replied the second you read it.

4. Stalking their whole fucking life on social media. I’ve willingly seen your Brother’s holiday photos from 2009 and we’re not official yet? Now that’s commitment!

5. Constantly trying to see yourself from their perspective and understand why they like you. (It’s the eyebrows isn’t it? It’s definitely the eyebrows).

6. Being eager to get your friend’s perspective on everything, so bringing up the person you’re dating constantly in the hopes they may a) tell you to shut up or b) actually offer their advice.

7. Wanting them to see the ‘real you,’ but also being terrified that it might put them off in some way or another.

8. Wanting to buy them everything that reminds you of them, but then remembering there’s plenty of time for that in the future. Also, money.

9. Imagining the two of you having the ‘exclusivity talk’ followed by you and your friends trying to predict when it’ll be through creating a sort of weird dating timeline.

10. Watching their Snapchat story at least 3 times, in case you missed anything.

11. Mentally considering all the things you have in common v the things you disagree on. (Can I forgive them for preferring the US to the UK Office?!).

12. Being eager to meet their friends, but also painfully anxious you’ll feel out of your depth and everyone will say ‘I mean…she’s nice’. No one wants to be just nice.

13. Hoping that everything goes well and that your time, craziness and borderline self-loathing hasn’t gone to waste! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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