23 Things I’ve Realized Over The Last 23 Years

I’m 23 in a few weeks, so here’s 23 things I’ve realised over the years:

  1. Being yourself gets easier with age, as does getting in touch with what you really want.
  2. Everyone is going through shit, just different variations of shit and at times it’s easy to forget that…we’re too busy focusing on all of our own shit to care.
  3. Making mistakes can be valuable, if you’re smart you can learn so much from them– even if they’re cringe worthy and/or social suicide.
  4. You’re not perfect; no one is or can be.
  5. People’s social media activity are just reflections of how they want people to see them – it’s a tiny bit of reality masked with layers and layers of aspiration. Who do we think we’re kidding?!
  6. Eyebrows are really bloody important.
  7. Material objects are cool but making memories through actual experiences is a more worthwhile way to spend yo’ money.
  8. It’s nice to keep mementos from experiences you’ve had – whether that be through pictures or collecting keepsakes in an old shoe box.
  9. Try and take an interest in everyone you meet – actually ask them questions about their life, you might learn something.
  10. For God’s sake, read the bloody news more – there’s a world outside of your life…you should know stuff about it.
  11. Accept and believe the compliments you receive.
  12. Don’t take friends you’ve known for years for granted, even if you know they will always be there for you.
  13. Try not to think of the future as a scary, dark void that you can do nothing to change or influence – you can!
  14. If you want pizza, eat some pizza. Or cheesecake. Or chocolate. Fuck, I’m so hungry.
  15. Be grateful for what you have and take the time to actually appreciate it.
  16. Remember…people don’t see you how you see yourself – everyone sees you differently. Wouldn’t it be cool to see yourself from other people’s perspective(s)?!
  17. Don’t settle for someone because you’re bored or lonely or horny, it’s only going to result in short-term happiness. Settling is something too many people do.
  18. Your Mum brought you into the world and has since had to deal with your shit (literally), so be nice to her, she deserves it.
  19. Don’t think you’re not good enough, because you are – you can do anything!
  20. You’re not going to meet many people like you, or at least who seem like you…so when you do it’s pretty special.
  21. Dear 15-year-old Lauren, being called weird is a huge compliment. Being normal is the worst.
  22. You will have an effect on every single person you’ll ever meet, whether you know it or not – remember that!
  23. Just do you, boo boo…sorry, I had to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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