You Broke My Heart With A Text Message

Unsplash / Tuce

A 26-character text message
A simple…
“I think we should break up”
That’s all it took to end our what we had
Twenty-five months; turned to loss

The first few days were easy
I didn’t believe this was real

I thought our love for each other would not allow for this.
Call it denial –

Failed attempts of reaching out to you
Text messages unanswered and phone calls ignored

A few mistakes made
Scrutinizing any sort of contact
Toying with your friends

Consuming pills; making things worse
Call it desperation

No sight of you; no matter what I desperately attempted

The following months were bitter
Many sleepless nights,
Unexplained hysteria
So painful…
I would be frozen, unable to move
Call it heartbreak;
Call it fragmented heart

After months of wordlessness
I hear from you
You said that what you did was unavoidable; that you had to

You explained we both needed to move on
Carving me out of your heart was what was necessary

Now, I spend most nights wondering, wandering;
Hoping that you’ll reach out, searching for answers
I see my phone light up,
I wonder

That if the name I see, lighting up, will be yours

I reminisce on all the times we spent together
Both the good and bad…
Yearning for more…
One would call this hope

Why does it feel the same as heartbreak? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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