He Broke Up With Me In A 26 Character Text Message

Daria Nepriakhina

A 26 Character text message
A Simple “I think we should break up”
Was all it took to end our relationship

The first few days were easy
Not believing this was real
Thinking our love for each other wouldn’t allow this
Call it denial

A few failed attempts at reaching out to you
Text messages unanswered and phone calls ignored
A couple mistakes made in hopes of getting your attention
Flirting with your friends and taking pills that only made it worse
Call it desperation

No text messages, no calls, no sight of you

The following months were bitter
Containing many sleepless nights
Random panic attacks
So painful that I would be immobile
Call it heartbreak

After months of no contact, I hear about you
You said you only did what you did because you had to
Because we both needed to move on
And that cutting me off was the only way to do so

So now, I spend most nights lying in bed
Wondering if you’ll reach out
I see my phone light up
And wonder if it will be your name this time
I reminisce on all the times we spent together, both the good and bad
Yearning for more
One would call this hope, but why does it feel the same as heartbreak? TC mark


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