The Time Has Come For The Sun To Set On Our Summer Interlude

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And there you were, sent to me, like a drop of water during a desert drought.

Tainted by this wretched thing called, love at first sight. There was no turning back.

I’ve now had a taste of the forbidden fruit and would be permanently stained with the memories of you.

Hypnotized by such a presence. I blindly followed and danced to the beat of your drum like a mindless zombie. I couldn’t help myself. We were drawn together like magnets, from the minute our first eyes met.

“Who are you? And where did you come from?” I asked many times over. You just laughed, and breathlessly moaned, “and who are you?” I still fondly remember that smirk you wore on your face.

With every look, every smile, every touch, and every taste – I fell a little further for you.

Bathed in honey, and sunlight. The world tasted that much sweeter.

There was a whole universe that lived inside of you. Chock-full of intricacies that resonated so deeply with me, unlike any other before you.

Just a glimmer drove me to the point of madness.

What was this beautiful, and all-consuming thing I’ve let myself fall victim to? A delectable dream, I never wish to awake from.

However, I do caution; when you’re that high up, it’s a very long, and painful way down…

Our time together was inevitably drawing to a close. It was as fleeting, as the ocean waves hug the shore. The world and all its harsh realities began to seep in.

Tears rolled down your face, inconsolable you seemed. But you were a good actor. I’ll give you that. I thought those moments we shared meant something to you, but I realized that I was just another number you whispered those same sweet nothings to.

The time has come for the sun to set on our summer interlude, and as the seasons began to change, I hope the memory of you will slowly start to fade away…

With this inexplicable pain I hold in my heart, I carry forward, tend to my wounds, and fight the silent battle.

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