You Say ‘I Miss You’ But I Say Bullshit

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You are completely incapable of accepting reality. I’ve made it more than clear that I am done, I said my final goodbye and I don’t want you in my life anymore.

So stop popping in, every now and then, just to tell me that you miss me and that you are sorry. Quit begging me to give you another chance. It. will. never. happen.

Because the truth is, I’ll never for a second believe that you are anything but full of shit. You don’t miss me, you just don’t like the inconvenience of being alone. You’re not sorry, you’re just too much of a narcissistic douche to truly care about me or my feelings. And you sure as hell don’t need another chance to try and manipulate me.

I absolutely 100% loved you, and maybe deep, deep down in a very small corner of my heart I’ll hold a memory of us. But that’s it. I’m not holding on to any pathetic little scrap of our love. I let go. I let go of us…of you…and of the girl who would cower at your every word too nervous to disagree with you.

You are wrong to think that you can make this right and we can get back on track to the way things used to be. I don’t blame you for trying, I would also be fighting like hell to get back the one person who would have done anything in the world to make me happy. But it’s a lost cause because I’m not that person for you anymore. I’m not even that girl anymore. I don’t want this, that or any bit of it.

All I want is to do is create more distance between myself and your chapter in my life. I don’t want you to be able to crawl back because all it does it remind me of how selfish and insignificant you are.

So please stop trying to win me back because honestly at this point it’s insulting that you think you are worthy of me. You don’t know the first thing about how to truly treat a woman. But how could you? You’re not a real man.

Live in the past all you want. Just stop trying to drag me with you. I’m done. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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