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Read This If You’re A Strong 20-Something Scared Of The ‘What Ifs’

We need to start thinking about our goals as being achievable instead of untouchable. We need to confidently stand tall, and be proud of who we are. So, try to drown out the ‘what ifs’ and turn them into ‘whats next’. Instead of preparing for the worst, prepare for the place you want to be in your head. And go ahead and go for it. The only one stopping you, is yourself.

When He Comes Back, Shut The Door In His Face

When you open up the door, don’t invite him in and give him a hug that reminds him of what he missed. Remember how long it took for you to get over him. Remember how you still aren’t over it. So, when you open up that door, and see his face light up with all the words he never said to you, slam the door in his face.

Date Someone Who Brings Out The Best In You

Date someone who truly brings out the best in you. Who highlights your best attributes. And who brings out the kind of smile in you, that is 100% genuine. Date someone who makes you realize that live is short, and that you might as well date someone who actually gives a damn.

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