Why Men Who Marry Old Souls End Up The Happiest

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Ethan Robertson

Old souls are often looked at as being too old school. They are seen as people who are conservative, who don’t know how to have fun, who don’t like adventure. But that’s not who old souls are.

Old souls are not to be played with. They aren’t naive. They aren’t stupid. They just know what they deserve and who they deserve.

When an old soul picks you to be their partner, they are going to be 100% confident in their decision. They aren’t going to back away in fear or run away from your love. They aren’t going to give up on you or on your partnership. They aren’t going to leave. You can be sure of that.

When you marry an old soul you are marrying someone who will give you their all.

They don’t play games. They aren’t just being with you for fun or for an experiment. Old souls knows how to live and how to love. They know how to live life to the fullest. And just because sometimes they would rather spend some nights in, doesn’t mean they don’t know how to live.

Old souls aren’t going to destroy you. Because they picked you to be their forever. And that isn’t a game to them. Old souls are intoxicated with the idea of love and they will spend their whole lives looking for their soulmate. So when they said ‘I do’ to you, they meant it. They will always mean it.

Old souls will let you into their world. They will converse with you on their ideas of the world, on why they think they are on this earth, and on fate.

No day will be ordinary when you are with them. Because old souls find the extraordinary in the ordinary. They find the excellent in the average days. They see every day as a new opportunity to learn about the world, about themselves and about you.

Old souls will make every day into a masterpiece. They will find joy in the simplicity of life. They will give everything they have to you and to your marriage.

When they married you, they did it because they knew you were their soulmate. And they didn’t have a question in their mind. They never will. They searched the ends of the earths for you. They waited for years and years to find someone who they would connect with, who would slow dance with them in the living room just because, who would make them laugh until their stomach turned to stitches.

You won’t ever have to be scared when they are around. You won’t ever have to question their love for you. You won’t ever have to feel abandoned. Because when an old soul marries someone, it will truly last forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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