The Kind Of Date You Need To Wait For

Bryan Apen

It’s easy to go on date after date, never really feeling anything at all. It’s easy to swipe right, to get a match, and to never respond to any of them.

It’s easy to feel nothing. To not feel a spark. To meet someone who is mediocre. It’s easy to settle. To settle for the guy that seems okay. To settle for the girl who is just ‘nice’. It’s so easy to settle for the guy that took you on that date where he talked mostly about himself and made no connection with you whatsoever. It’s the easy thing to do right?

We are all so desperate for love, that it’s easy to ignore the obvious. We are all so desperate to find someone, that it’s easy to just go for the first person who asks us out.

But we need to stop. We need to stop settling for people who don’t make us happy. We need to stop settling for people who don’t make our hearts pound out of our chests. We need to stop settling for the people who are there, but who don’t truly understand us.

The kind of date you need to wait for isn’t going to be mediocre. It isn’t going to be ‘just okay’. It isn’t going to be average or ordinary. No, it should be the kind of date that elates you. That excites your soul, that ignites the fire within your heart. It should be extraordinary.

Stop settling for dates with the same person just because you want someone to be there for you. Stop settling for the people who take you out to the same place every weekend, who don’t pay attention to what you want and need, and who don’t even look at you when you speak.

The kind of dates you need to keep saying ‘yes’ to don’t have to be extravagant or fancy. These dates don’t have to be full of wine and red roses. At the end of the day, do you want roses, or do you want to find someone who truly cares for you?

Settle for the person who asks you questions instead of talking about his whole history over a plate of pasta. Settle for the kind of person who will kiss your hand, just to let you know that they are there for you.

Settle for the date that makes your heart race faster and sends shivers up and down your spine. Settle for the date that intrigues you, that is kind and caring, that truly listens to you. Settle for the person that genuinely thanks you for spending time with him or her. Settle for the date that catches you off guard by how much you actually feel something for this person. 

You don’t need the candle light dinners. You just need someone who cares. Who listens. Who asks you interesting questions. Who laughs at your jokes. Who makes you laugh until you can’t breathe.

Don’t settle for the ordinary date. Don’t settle for dates that send you home crying. Settle for the extraordinary. For the dates that make you blush in happiness. For the dates that send you home smiling from ear to ear.

Settle for the dates that make you dream impossible things. That make you believe in love again. TC mark

Lauren Jarvis-Gibson

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