Read This If You’re Scared Your Anxiety Will Push Them Away

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I understand how you feel. Believe me, I do. Having anxiety makes you feel like everyone will leave. It makes you feel like you will never be good enough for him or for her or for anybody. It makes you question your every single move. And it makes you feel like you aren’t worthy. Of them. And of love.

But this is just your anxiety talking. It’s not all of you. I promise you, you are worthy. You are worthy of finding love. You are worthy of falling in love. Your anxiety doesn’t make you ugly. It doesn’t make you into a monster, even though it feels like it sometimes.

Anxiety is just a piece of you. A tiny part. It is not all of you. It is not your whole entire being and mind.

Your anxiety should not be an excuse. It shouldn’t stop you from looking for love. It shouldn’t stop you from going on dates, from smiling back at the cute boy who bought you that drink. Anxiety shouldn’t stop you from living your life.

I know you think you are broken. But where’s the beauty in being perfect? Where is the magic in being put together and polished? There is beauty in your brokenness. And there is beauty in your bravery.

You still deserve to find big love. You deserve to make someone’s life better. And you deserve to have someone else make your life more fulfilling.

Don’t let anxiety win. Don’t you dare let it have control over your heart. Don’t put your anxiety in first place. Don’t give it the power it demands.

You are someone who struggles with anxiety. But you are not ruined by anxiety. You are a human being with cracks and wounds, just like anybody else. You are a human being who overthinks and who bites your nails and who can go on downward spirals, but every single person on this earth is struggling too.

Anxiety is just a part of your story. It isn’t the whole entire book.

We all have something we are dealing with. We all are sad for different reasons. We all have broken parts. We all have bruises and scars from the past. We all have reasons to be afraid.

But, please, don’t be afraid that you will push him or her away. Don’t be afraid that your anxiety will make them leave. Don’t hold your breath, waiting for them to walk out on you.

If they leave you because of something you cannot control, they aren’t the person that you thought they were. And they don’t deserve to be a part of your life. They aren’t worthy of your big and beautiful heart.

One day you’ll find someone who won’t run. One day you’ll find someone who will love every part of you and yes, even the anxious and scattered parts. Don’t give up on this. Don’t give up on future love. And most importantly, don’t give up on yourself and your heart.

You are not defined by your anxiety. It’s just a part of you. It’s not who you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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