18 Things To Do Less Of In 2018

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1. Less complaining.

Is being negative and complaining about everything wrong in your life really getting you anywhere? No. Complaining does nothing for you, and nothing for the people around you. Think positively for a change, you may be surprised by how much your life will change.

2. Less apologizing.

Stop saying sorry for everything you get wrong, and for things that aren’t even about you. Everyone messes up and makes mistakes. You aren’t the only one. By saying sorry for every little thing you are actually making yourself look weaker than you really are.

3. Less beating yourself up for little things.

What’s the use of telling yourself that you suck for every tiny detail that could have gone better in your life? There’s no reason to beat yourself down brick by brick, day by day. It does nothing but ruin your self esteem even further.

4. Less worrying about your weight.

Yes, it’s good to pay attention to your overall health, but your weight is just a number. An insignificant number. And you shouldn’t put so much force and so much energy into digits. Focus on your mental health, on strengthening your body with minerals and nutrients instead of a number.

5. Less talking behind people’s backs.

You aren’t better or prettier or richer than the person you are talking. So stop it. This isn’t middle school anymore. This is life. And karma’s a bitch.

6. Less overthinking.

I know it’s easier said than done, but your overthinking is literally ruining your days and nights. If this is getting in the way of your sleep and work, seek help. There is nothing to be embarrassed about by taking care of yourself and your brain. In fact, it should be something you can be proud of.

7. Less ignoring what you need and want.

This is your life and the only person who can truly make you happy is yourself. Stop ignoring your gut instincts. Stop giving everything to other people instead of to yourself. Be selfish! You only have one life to live, so don’t waste it.

8. Less relying on your parents for everything.

You’re not six years old anymore and you shouldn’t have to expect that your parens will do every little thing for you. Be more independent and try to figure out your problems before immediately calling them. You might surprise yourself!

9. Less alcohol.

I’m all for a glass of red wine at night, but doing shots and abusing your alcohol won’t get you anywhere. Not only will this impact you negatively in your day to day love, it will have after effects on your future. Slow down!

10. Less texting.

Put down your phone more often than not. The whole world and people are around you, and staring at your screen isn’t going to make your life more beautiful. Open up your world, and close your phone.

11. Less comparing yourself to others.

Less comparing yourself to your peers. It doesn’t matter if they make more money than you. It doesn’t matter if they are cuter than you, or more successful. There will always be someone who will be ‘better’ than at you at something. Don’t waste your energy on putting yourself down about other people’s successes.

12. Less feeling scared.

It’s okay to be scared as long as you don’t let it overtake you. Do more things that terrify you, and get out of your comfort zone. I can guarantee you, you will make so many amazing and unforgettable memories you never would have had if you didn’t take that leap.

13. Less feeling intimidated by your peers.

More likely than not, people are intimidated by you as well. Don’t hide in fear of other people judging you or talking about you in negative light. Not everyone in this world will adore, so you might as well walk to the beat of your own drum and stop caring so much about what other people think about you.

14. Less working hard for getting nothing in return.

You can’t go through life giving and giving while getting nothing back in return. Whether it’s work, or a relationship in your life that you feel is unbalanced, either quit it or fix it. You have to know your worth and be confident in what you can give to others, but don’t give yourself away so easily.

15. Less trying so hard for people who don’t try back.

If you still love your ex, or are trying so hard for your significant other to notice you, it’s not worth your time. Spend time with people who love you just as much as you love them. Spend time with people who don’t make you feel insignificant, but you are significant. Trust in that.

16. Less chasing.

Here’s the deal, if you have to chase someone for them to notice you, they won’t ever be the person you want them to be. Move on. Be patient. Wait for the person who chases you instead.

17. Less holding back.

As cliche as this sounds, life is so so short. You don’t want to wake up one day and be full of regrets about what you didn’t do. So do it. Buy that ticket. Move to other side of the world. Take that job offer. Kiss that person who you have loved for years now. Do it. And live with no regrets.

18. Less giving a fuck.

For the love of God, stop caring so damn much. Stop giving a fuck about them and him and her. Stop giving a fuck about that one person who screwed you over. Stop giving a fuck about the person who you screwed over. Nobody is perfect and life isn’t either. You are human. It’s okay to be human. Never forget that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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