The Truth Is, She Is Stronger Than You Will Ever Be

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Tim Mossholder

It took her a while to understand why you left. It took her a while to realize that your leaving was a gift instead of a loss. And it took her a while to realize that she was better off without you.

Now she knows. Now she knows that you weighed her down. Now she knows that were an obstacle to cross. Now she knows that she’s happier without you. Now she knows that she was living a lie when she was with you.

She thought that she was weak when you left her. She thought she was small. She thought she was too sensitive, like you always told her that she was. She believed whatever you told her. She believed she was annoying. She believed that she cried too much. She believed that she was weak. But you were the who was weak. She was the strong one, despite the weights you lifted.

You see, when you left her, all you did was pretend. You pretended you were better off without her, which we all know is a lie. You pretended you didn’t miss her. You pretended you didn’t need her. That you slept better without her by your side.

And when you left her, she cried for days. She wept without you sleeping soundly in her bed. She missed everything about you. Your smile, your eyes, the way you said her name. She let herself grieve. She let her heart die, and begin again. She let herself miss and love you all at once.

But then she stopped crying. And she started noticing. Noticing that she felt lighter without you. Noticing that she felt brighter, and better. And she started realizing that you weren’t the one for her.

And then she started realizing that she was the strong one, and that she was so much stronger without you hanging on her shoulders.

And you. The one who pretended you were macho. And you, the one who pretended you were just fine without her. Now you know, you aren’t. Now you know the mistakes you made. Now you know she was beautiful and smart and funny. Now you regret leaving. You regret walking away. You regret saying goodbye.

And now you know how weak you were for putting on this facade for so long. And now you know how dumb you were, to pretend that you didn’t need her or want her.

She’s so much better now. She’s stronger and her smile radiates a thousand times greater. She sleeps through the night. She loves her life. She loves herself, and she doesn’t need you whatsoever.

But you are all alone now. And that’s your fault. And now, you are lonely and you miss her. But she will never take you back. She will never love you back.

She’s gone for good. Happily so.

Have fun pretending you are better off without her. Have fun picking up the pieces you pretended were never there. Have fun living life faking a smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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