The Best Revenge Is Simply To Be Happy

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Karoline Soares

The best revenge is to be happy. To put yourself first. To decide to live your life for you, instead of for anyone else. The best revenge is to allow yourself to live greatly and passionately.

The best revenge is not to be bitter. It’s not to wallow in self pity. It’s not to lash out at the person who hurt or broke you.

The best revenge is not to get revenge. Because that will only end up hurting you more and hurting others. Revenge will only bring you down. It will only lengthen your pain and your healing process.

Getting revenge, finding someone hotter to date, finding something more shiny to buy won’t do anything to fix your own heart. It will just feed the hate and the negativity. and that’s the least thing that you need when you are broken.

Work on yourself instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what someone else has. Work on your future instead of pawing away at the past. Work on your heart instead of trying to hurt somebody else’s.

Stop letting the people who hurt you a long time ago dictate your life. Stop letting the people who betrayed you and who talked behind your back ruin your future.

You run your life. You run your future. So, don’t let the past run you.

Turn your life into something that you can be proud of. Turn yourself into someone that you can be proud of. Focus on the light that you bring to your own life. Focus on what makes your heart beat faster. On what makes your smile beam brighter.

Focus on your hobbies that you neglected overtime. Focus on your dreams that you had at seven years old that has grown stale over the years. Get together with your best friends that you have stopped replying back to. Focus on your loved ones, on the people that make your life a little shinier. Focus on your family, and on the people that make you laugh so hard until you can’t breathe. 

Focus on your career. Focus on your ideas about the future. Focus on what you want your life to look like in five years instead of what your life used to be like. Don’t think about that ex or that loss of a friendship. Stop letting all of those people back into your life, when they were meant to be let go of a long time ago.

Be happy. Go and live your life without regrets, without the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘could haves’. And without the pain you have kept on your heart for so long. Just go live. Don’t get revenge. Just live the life you want to live. And the rest will come to you.  The rest will be sure to follow.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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