11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Put Yourself First

Girl putting herself first
William Randles

1. You aren’t afraid of your feelings.

You aren’t afraid to cry in public or to showcase your deep emotions. You know that feelings don’t make you weak, they make you stronger. When you have a bad day, you don’t try to fight it. You accept what your heart is telling you.

2. You cut out toxic people in your life.

Even though it can be painful and hard, you cut out any toxic relationship and friendships that you have. You know that life is too short to surround yourself with people who don’t love you wholeheartedly.

3. You speak up for yourself even when it’s hard.

In your career and in your personal life, you stand up for what you deserve. Whether it’s a raise, promotion, or a need for space with your significant other, you let people know that you aren’t going to take crap from anybody.

4. You don’t chase after people who don’t want you.

You are done chasing after relationships that you don’t have any business being in. You’ve learned to stop chasing after people who don’t care about you, because all that does is hurt you more. And you know that you deserve better.

5. You don’t compare yourself to other people.

You’ve stopped comparing and contrasting others and have instead replaced jealousy with admiration. you’ve learned to embrace other people’s beauty and successes, instead of causing you to grow bitter.

6. You cherish your good relationships and friendships.

You hold your friends close to your heart at all times. You only surround yourself with people who lift you up on your darkest days. You make sure you are with them constantly, filling yourself with good conversation and great people.

7. You have daily rituals.

You have daily rituals to start and end your day in a relaxing and loving way. You treat yourself well and always make sure you put self care into your busy lifestyle.

8. You treat people fairly.

You treat people with respect no matter how different they are from you. You never judge anyone based on their sexual orientation, sex, gender, or beliefs. You really do believe in the power of being kind.

9. You don’t apologize.

You don’t apologize for your feelings. You don’t apologize for being you or for being ‘too much’. If people can’t accept you for who you are, they don’t deserve to be in your life.

10. You have learned to forgive yourself. For everything.

For your past, for your former friends and relationships, and for every little mistake you have made, you have forgiven yourself. You know you aren’t a robot. You have to be kind to yourself and accept that you are always going to make mistakes and learn from them.

11. You know that you will never be perfect.

You know that you are a human. And you have had to learn along the way that life is going to hand you obstacles and battles to fight. You will fail and fall and fail some more. But in that, you learn more about yourself and you grow into a better person. You know that perfection is not attainable. And you’re fine with how you are. You’re more than with fine with who you are.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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