The Honest Difference Between Lust And Love

Figuring out the difference between love and lust

They can easily be confused. They can easily be misinterpreted and misused. But they are completely different animals. Completely different feelings. It’s just so easy to get so caught up in lust, that you start to actually believe it’s love. But it’s not.

They are both intense. They are both incredibly powerful. But lust will only last so long. And love? If it is the right person, it’s not going to fade.

Lust is an intense attraction, an intense and overriding sense of passion. It’s about the chemistry and the and sexual desire. It’s not about what’s underneath the surface.

Lust is simply a desire to be touched by someone. A desire to be held and to be swept away by another human being. It isn’t something that lasts. It’s just a temporary feeling, like having a crush when you’re in middle school. But, it’s really hard to fight. It’s hard to take a step back from it, because it’s just that damn powerful.

It’s hard to quit it.

Love is a whole other story. Love isn’t just a feeling or a desire. Love isn’t just a moment of wanting. Or a moment of locked lips and infatuation. It’s not just having sex. It’s not just two people who can’t keep their hands off one another.

Love is deep conversation, it’s endless questions and answers, it’s fighting for the other person no matter how old or grumpy they get. It’s compromise and arguments. It’s not always pretty or Instagram worthy.

Because love is hard work. Lust isn’t.

Lust is just a reaction. It’s just a fleeting time of intense wanting and having. It’s liking their smile and their red lips, but it’s not going deeper than that. It’s not promising them your heart, and it’s giving them your body instead of your heart.

Love is partnership. It’s being best friends. It’s not just wanting to have sex with one another. It’s needing to be with them, to just sit with them, not always needing to go all the way. It’s fights that leave you crying. But it still doesn’t leave. They still won’t leave.

Lust is a moment. Love is a bond. Lust is a rush. Love is sacred. Lust is powerful. But love is more powerful.

Please don’t mistaken lust for love. Because it’s only going to end in pain and a hurting heart. It’s only going to end in an ending. Because lust is almost always going to be short lived. It’s just a chemical reaction. It’s not a promise of forever. It’s not real.

With lust, you are always going to question yourself and the other person. You are always going to be on edge, to not have enough confidence in the two of you. With lust, there will always be ‘what if’s’ and endings that turn to dust.

With love, you are confident. In yourself and in your partner. With love, even on the rocky days and terrible nights, you still vow to work and to fight for one another. With love, it’s never a question.

Lust is only about today. It’s only about a night.

Love is about the future. It’s about forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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