10 Tiny Ways To Love Yourself More Than You Did Yesterday

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 1. Read an old favorite book.

Make yourself a hot cup of tea and read a book you haven’t read in years. Let your emotions get swept away in another story and another world. Let yourself get lost in someone else’s life for once.

2. Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Grab lunch with a childhood best friend or a college roommate you haven’t seen in ages. Talk about your life and listen to them talk about theirs. Laugh, cry, and giggle at old memories that you completely forgot about.

3. Breathe.

Take a moment just to breathe. Just to focus on your inhales and exhales. Take a moment just to be. Just to relax and center yourself.

4. Take a mental health day.

Take a day off from work if you are struggling with anxiety, or depression or just stress in general. Treat yourself and give yourself some much needed self love. Take yourself out on a date, get a haircut, do whatever makes your heart happy.

5. Go for a walk.

Whatever you are going through, a walk will do wonders on your body emotionally and physically. Take a 30 minute stroll around your neighborhood and clear your head of all and any worries you may have.

6. Write out everything you are grateful for.

Write everything out that makes you happy in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that you can visually see all the things that makes your life wonderful.

7. Sit down by yourself, with yourself.

Take some time to just sit with yourself and let yourself feel what you need to feel. Let go of all the stress, of the need to be perfect, of what the world wants from you, and feel the weight of those expectations leave your heart.

8. Unplug.

Put your laptop down and slow down. Allow yourself to not get caught up in social media, in the news, and in other distractions. Let yourself take a break.

9. Forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for feeling sad or down. Forgive yourself for however you are feeling about past mistakes and people from your past. Forgive yourself for what you should’ve done but didn’t. Let yourself off the hook.

10. Know that healing isn’t linear.

Understand that you are not always going to feel great about yourself and about your life. Understand that this is normal. It’s okay to not be okay. You are human. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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