There Will Always Be That One Person Who You Will Always Miss

Tanja Heffner

There will always be that one person. That one guy or girl who changed your heart. That one person who changed your life. That one big love that you can never shake off. That one person who you will always miss.

Sure, you’re going to move on eventually. You’re going to let go of the thought of forever with them. You’re going to get over them. You’re going to fall in love with other people and with other aspects of your life. And you’re going to love your life. Without them.

But then some day, when the wind picks up and the leaves turn from a mint green to a rusty orange, you’re going to think of them. And one day, out of the blue, you’re going to walk to a place they used to go to and you’re going to wish you were holding their hand.

It’s going to hit you hard out of nowhere. All of a sudden you’re going to be on a train, and you’re going to see someone who looks like them, who talks like them and who walks like them. And all of a sudden you’re going to miss the way they said your name. You’re going to miss their goofy walk, and the way they smiled at you after not seeing you for just a day.

And you’re going to get hit with this wave. With this tsunami of longing. Longing for their touch. Longing to just be in their presence.

You’re not going to be in love with them. You’re not going to fall back  to that space and time in your life. But you’re always going to miss how you felt when you were them. You’re going to miss who you were and how you thought of yourself when you were with them.

Nostalgia is going to come out of nowhere, no matter how long is has been and no matter how much you are loving your beautiful life. It’s going to enter your heart and your mind, no matter what you do. And you know what? You must realize that it’s okay. It’s okay.

It’s okay because you are human. You are allowed to miss someone who isn’t in your life anymore. It’s normal to miss someone who used to be so important to you. It’s perfectly human to miss and long for someone who used to be your universe.

And honestly? It just shows you how big your heart is. Missing them shows you that you can have that great big love again. It shows you that you can have that type of bond again with somebody else. It shows you that you can love yourself so much more now. It shows you how much love and care and joy that you can hold in your heart.

So when you get hit with the nostalgia wave that knocks you over, don’t be alarmed. Ride the wave. Ride through the pain and the heartache. Ride through the missing them and the lonely nights. Accept what they once were to you. Accept the love that they gave you.

And then get up the next day and begin again. And miss them. And breathe. And miss them more. And breathe again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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