How To Love An Alpha Girl

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An alpha female is strong as hell. She has a great group of friends, has self confidence, knows what she wants and goes after it with no hesitation. She is fierce and doesn’t want to be tamed.

Don’t try to change her. Don’t try to turn her into something she is not. She was not made to sink and to bend. She was made to swim and fly. She was made to shine so brightly. So don’t even attempt to dim her blinding light.

Know that she does not need you. She does not need you to be happy or to feel fulfilled. But she loves you. She wants you. She chose you. And trust me, she had a lot of options.

So love her back.

Show up for her when you can tell that she needs you but won’t necessarily tell you. Show up when she is silent at night and you know something is bothering her. She is not made of steel even though she thinks she is. She is going to break sometimes. She is going to tear. She is going to crash.

Don’t you dare give up on her when she gives up on herself. Don’t turn your back on her. Yes, she doesn’t need you. But she will want you to be there. She will want you to show her that you give a damn. She will want you to show her that you won’t go anywhere. That you actually live up to your promises.

Don’t act like she’s your possession or prize. She is a human being. Treat her like one.

Know that she is a go getter. Know that she is a strong woman. She is resilient. She isn’t with you for fun, or for a fling. She is with you for the real deal. She is with you because she sees something good in you. She is with you because she sees a future. Because you are someone special. And she deserves something special. She deserves someone special.

She won’t take shit from you. She won’t take your crap, your games, or your nonsense. She is not going to put up with that. She knows her worth. She knows her heart and her soul and she knows that she deserves someone who can give her the world.

Be honest with her. Tell her how you feel. Don’t beat round the bush. Don’t hide from your feelings and from what your heart is telling you. Be a good man. Be a decent man and be a better man for her and for her future.

If you feel your feelings are fading don’t stick around. If you feel like your heart is slowly distancing itself from hers, leave. Don’t wait. Don’t lie to her. She is strong enough to handle your leaving. She is strong enough to handle your wreckage.

Oh and if you break her heart? She won’t ever take you back again. She won’t ever look at you in the same light. She won’t ever smile at you in the same way again. But she will move on. She will persevere. It’s what she’s good at. Surviving and growing and blooming.

She will survive without your love. Believe me, she will do more than just survive. She will do so much more. Without you.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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