11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Beta Personality

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1. You put others before yourself.

You tend to put your loved ones needs and events before your own priorities. You make other people at the top of your list, instead of making yourself one. You tend to be more happy when your loved ones are content and well taken care of.

2. You’re very careful and cautious in every aspect of your life.

You’re not a risk taker. You hate doing anything that could potentially put your life at risk or make your heart race uncontrollably. You don’t like doing anything out of your comfort zone and are content staying in your own bubble.

3. You’re sensitive.

You’re incredibly sensitive and feel deeply no matter what emotion you are feeling. Some people think you are overly sensitive, but you feel so much empathy towards others and you have a big heart.

4. You’re scared of confrontation.

You hate any type of argument of confrontation. You would rather run away from anything negative than face it head on.

5. You don’t have as much confidence as an alpha does.

You’re more subdued and shy. You don’t like to be the life of the party or the center of attention. You feel uncomfortable when everyone is looking at you and the spotlight is on you. You prefer to join the crowd rather than be on stage.

6. You are private.

You are more withdrawn and don’t like oversharing. You prefer to keep your life private and don’t like when other people know everything about you.

7. You are a people pleaser.

You love making others happy and feeling loved. You always say ‘yes’ when you’re asked to do something because having people like you is important to you. You never want to disappoint someone or make them feel like you don’t appreciate them.

8. You can be incredibly emotional.

You have a very emotional heart and when you feel, you feel incredibly deeply. You don’t see it as a sign of weakness, but sometimes it’s hard for you to control your emotions if they are negative.

9. You always criticize yourself.

You are way too hard on yourself. You beat yourself up over little things and are never happy with yourself. You know all the flaws that you have inside and out, and you are never confident with these imperfections.

10. You’re a follower.

You are most definitely not a leader. You like to follow what others are doing whether it be in school or at work. You normally don’t like speaking in front of others unless you’re incredibly comfortable with the group of people who you are with.

11. You feel most comfortable in a small group.

You enjoy being in groups, and not being singled out. You prefer to have a group of people surrounding you, giving you help if you need it. In work and in your personal life, a small group of people is perfect for you to feel at ease and comfortable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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