10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Have A Type A Personality

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1. Many people call you a ‘workaholic’.

Your friends and family tend to tell you to relax more and take a chill pill. You work constantly, even on your off hours. Forget happy hour and leisure time, you would rather work and work and work.

2. You’re obsessed with being in control at all times.

You love being in control. You adore making plans, being the driver, and being the leader in all aspects of your world. When you lose control, you lose a sense of self and feel like you’re losing your tight grip on your life.

3. You feel incredible guilt for being ‘lazy’.

You feel like you’re being a bad employee, friend or person if you take the time out of your busy schedule to hit the pause button. It makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable and you honestly don’t know how to handle time off or vacation days.

4. You feel best when you are busy.

You feel like you’re on top of the world when you are busy doing something or going somewhere. Being on the go and working hard at something is when you feel like your true self and when you feel most at home.

5. You’re competitive.

Even when there seems to be no competition in an aspect of your life, you will eventually create it. You love being the best at everything and can’t stand to be beaten (even if it’s just a silly game).

6. You can do a million things at once.

You’re the queen and king of multitasking. You love to do a few things at once to get things done quicker and to feel more accomplished. You hate to do one task at a time because it slows down your progress and sense of pride.

7. You can and will burn out eventually.

Since your mindset is always on the ‘gogogo’, you will eventually need to hit the reset button. You can’t possibly live your life always on a high and you’ll need to take a pause when things start piling up and feeling out of control. Of course when this happen, you won’t stay down for too long.

8. Your stress levels can be extremely high.

Your stress levels usually are off the charts. You’re always thinking about something that you need to be doing, and you frequently have trouble clearing your mind. You’re always focusing on what to do next and how to be better and bigger, and you never can be in the now.

9. Your best is never enough.

Even though you work extremely hard and your work ethic is off the charts, you never feel good enough. In the way you look, and in your friendships and career, you never feel like you’re the best. You never truly feel like your hard work pays off no matter what you do.

10. You hate making mistakes. Failing isn’t even in your vocabulary.

The idea of failing scares the hell out of you. To make a mistake feels like the end of the world to you, and you will do whatever it takes to not falter. When you do make mistakes, you hide out in shame, feeling like the worst person in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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