11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Hypochondriac

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1. You automatically assume the worst.

When you have a headache, you assume you have some kind of tumor. When you have a cough, you assume it’s pneumonia. When you have a minor cold, you always assume it’s the flu.

2. You google everything.

No matter how small your symptoms may seem, you google everything you are feeling. You never let go even the most minor of aches or pains, in fear it could be something incredibly serious.

3. You freak yourself out and have panic attacks about your health.

You frequently convince yourself that you’re sick with something awful, and it’s impeccably hard for you to not get stressed out about your health all the time. Your mind is always racing about what’s wrong with you, or what could be wrong with you later down the road, and you stress out about it to the max.

4. You don’t even believe doctors when they say you’re fine.

Even when you go to your doctors office and get checked out and they tell you that nothing is wrong, you protest. You always are second guessing them and are skeptical with how in depth they checked your body out.

5. You don’t like going out when you have something as minor as a headache.

You would rather rest than go out, even when you have something small. Whether it’s a little cough, a raspy throat, or an achey back, you would never dare to risk making it worse.

6. You’re obsessed with watching the news on new health scares.

You’re addicted to anything health related. Your go to tv show is ‘House’, and instead of watching political issues on the news, your eyes are glued to health related breaking news. When there ever is a new disease or cancer you’ve never heard of, you go out of your mind trying to figure out if you have it or not.

7. You obsessively clean your living space.

You’ll do anything in your power to lead a healthy lifestyle and cleaning your bedroom from top to bottom is incredibly important to you. You’re paranoid of there being hidden mold or bacteria in your living space, so you make sure to dutifully clean everything.

8. If your friend sneezes or coughs in front of you, you’re out of there.

You don’t shrug your shoulders when your friend has a little cough or cold, you run the other direction. You are so paranoid of having a new sickness, that you can’t even hang out with friends who have minor, minor problems.

9. When you hear about a new disease or type of cancer, you are convinced you have it.

When a family friend is diagnosed with MS or Parkinson’s Disease or anything else that’s severe, you are convinced you have it, or will eventually get it. You google the symptoms and are positive you have it even if you have no physical symptoms that connect to it.

10. You always like to get a second or even a third opinion.

You don’t just go to one doctor. You always like to go to several different people, to get second opinions or third opinions. When it comes to your heath, you’re serious and about it and would never want to risk it.

11. You’re most googled search? ‘Am I going to die from blank.’

It’s always the same google search. Am I going to die from a headache? am I going to die from a cough? Can people die from mold allergies? It’s a never ending cycle of worrying and googling and worrying even more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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