You Did Nothing Wrong, He’s Just An Asshole

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I know what you’re thinking. Did I do something wrong? Did I say something too intense, too deep? Was I too clingy? What did I do that made him stop talking to me out of the blue?

Honey, listen up. You did NOTHING WRONG. This is not about you. This has absolutely nothing to do with what you said or didn’t do. This has everything to do with him. He’s just an asshole.

You didn’t say anything to make him stop liking you. You didn’t do anything to make him all of a sudden start ghosting you. You weren’t too much. You weren’t too sensitive or too caring.

The brutal truth of it all, is that he never wanted your heart from day one. He never had the strength inside of him to love you the way you deserved. He never had the heart inside his ribcage that could match the beauty of yours. He was never ever going to be that guy for you.

I know you think it’s your fault. That it’s your fault he’s gone now. That it’s your fault that it didn’t work out. And maybe you think that you could’ve changed him. That you could’ve turned his heart of steel to one of gold.

But darling, you can’t change a boy like that.

He isn’t a man at all. He isn’t the man that you deserve. He was never going to be your next true love, or your next big great relationship. He was never going to be the one for you, no matter how much you wanted him to be.

Please do not blame yourself for his leaving. For his ghosting. For his immaturity.

This is on him. This is all his fault. You did nothing to deserve this. You did nothing to deserve this pain and this hole in your heart. One day, you are going to look back and be grateful that he left. One day, you are going to look back and wonder what you ever even saw in him.

And he’s going to look back and hate himself. He’s going to hate himself for not seeing what was right in front of him. He’s going to be drenched in pain and guilt because he left the best thing that he could never have.

And one day, you’ll find the love that you truly deserve. You’ll find a love that he was never capable of giving to you. And you’ll smile at your former self, telling her that it’s going to be ok.

You’ll be ok without him. You are going to flourish without him. And as for him? He’ll regret the day he ever doubted you. He will wilt in the drought that he created for himself.

And he will wish for all of your sun rays and your gardens, because all he has become now is rain clouds and thunder. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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