Why The Strongest Girls Feel The Most Brutal Kind Of Heartbreak

Matheus Ferrero

They don’t just feel it for a few days. They don’t just feel it in their heart. No, they feel it all over. They feel it in their every bones. They feel it forever.

The strongest girls are the ones who don’t stop their emotions from showing up and flooding through. The strongest girls are the ones who don’t hide from their own selves. They don’t bottle anything up, or shove more skeletons in their closets.

The strongest girls are the ones who don’t fight the hurt.

They know that to get through it, they need to start reeling. They need to start feeling everything before it explodes inside of their hearts.

Because they know if they were to postpone the heartbreak and to distance themselves from the pain, it’ll end up haunting them later on.

They feel the worst kind of heartbreak because they love hard. They go into every relationship with the glass half full and with stars in their eyes. They go into every relationship without looking back on the past that has left them scarred. They believe that they deserve the kind of love that lasts, no matter how many people have left them in the dust. They believe in big, powerful, devastating and life changing love.

And that’s why it hurts so much when it ends.

They pour all their energy into love. And they believe in it so badly. They want it so incredibly much, that they don’t think about the possibility of it ending.

This is why their hearts break the hardest. This is why their eyes flood with the most tears, and with the most pain. This is why their stomachs sink to the depths of their souls. And this is why their hearts break the hardest.

They don’t play pretend. They don’t fake smiles. They don’t put on a facade. They don’t have a vice. They just feel. They feel it all until the pain starts to fade. They feel it until their hearts are tired of hurting so much. They feel the heartbreak, until it begins to become distant. They feel the heartbreak until it becomes bearable.

They don’t try to make it go away. They don’t try to erase it, because it’s impossible to erase that kind of pain. And they are smart enough to know that one day, they will wake up and it won’t hurt so much anymore. And they know that one day, some day, they will feel ok again.

They fall hard and they crash and burn hard. But they know that they will always get through it. They know that eventually, that boy will just be a name. Not forever anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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