This Is Why Strong Women Always Fall For Fuckboys

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Sweet Ice Cream Photography

It’s the biggest mystery of the dating world. Why do beautiful and independent women fall for the guys who treat them like dirt? Why do we fall over and over again for the people who are completely wrong for us? And why does it keep happening, again and again?

You’d think it would be easy. To train our minds to never fall. To train our hearts to never flutter. But, when a boy walks into your life and smiles at you in a way no one else has done, you believe them.

And you believe their smile is genuine, no matter how many other smiles have been fake.

As strong women, we are independent. We are forces to be reckoned with, hurricanes of bravery and of courage. We are incredibly smart. We march to the beat of our drums, never letting people take advantage of our hearts or minds.

But, then we do. We meet someone who we can connect with us on an entirely different level. We find someone who gives us butterflies and who fills our insides with anxious hope. And when someone walks into our lives with the promise of love and of happiness, we choose to accept it. And we choose to believe them. 

We aren’t naive or weak for falling for their games. We aren’t dumb for trusting someone who we never should’ve given the time of the day. We aren’t stupid for believing in love.

We aren’t silly for hoping that maybe, just maybe, this one could be different. That this time? It could be different.

We have incredible strength that can can be unwavering at times. But we are also human. And we want to feel needed, to feel wanted. We love love so much, that when it starts to beckon us in with his hands, we grasp onto it as quickly as we can. We hold onto hope no matter how many times we have been burned. We hold onto faith, no matter how many times we have lost it. And we hold onto the meaning of love, no matter how many people have rejected or broken us. 

We don’t mean to fall for the ones who are going to hurt us. We don’t mean to fall for the ones with the winning smiles and impeccable charm. And the truth of the matter is, it’s not our fault. It’s not our fault that we trust strangers or that we believe in the best of people.

We were taught to love hard. We were taught to feel hard and to believe in people, no matter their past mistakes. We grew up trusting and falling and loving, and we grew up to believe that love was real.

We are strong because we make mistakes and we learn from them. We are strong because we love hard, and break even harder. We are strong because even if we fall for the ones who will break our hearts, we still believe that someday, we will find what we are looking for.

We still believe that someday, we will find someone who will love us whole heartedly and not turn their back on us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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