This Is What Your Love Life Is Going To Look Like Every Year Of Your 20s

Scott Webb
Scott Webb


Your love life is fantastic when you’re twenty. You’ve broken up with your high school sweetheart by now and are finally able to explore other people and other *things* you were too scared to do when you were eighteen. Enjoy!


At twenty-one, your love life is a bit of a mess. You finally get to drink LEGALLY which is more exciting than having a significant other for you. You play the field and have stupid drunken hookups that mean nothing. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes, and kiss a lot of terrible people, but hey, it’s ok because you’re twenty-one now!


At the age of twenty-two you are going to learn about yourself. You are going to fall for a lot of people that you settle for, even though you know they treat you like shit. This year is going to be rocky for your heart, but it’s ultimately when you begin to learn what you want and don’t want in a relationship.


Age twenty-three is kind of the worst. You’re out of college and have no idea how to meet people, not to mention meet people of the opposite sex. You definitely will hit a dry spell at this point, but don’t worry, the rest of your twenties will make up for it!


Turning twenty-four is really freaking scary. Half of your friends are getting married, while half of them are still spending their Friday nights downing $2 vodka shots. You start really freaking out at this point, wondering if you will ever meet that special someone. Your friends tell you that you just need to be patient, but how can you be patient when your Facebook feed is full of 20 year olds with babies and engagement rings already?


When you’re twenty-five, you don’t want to mess around anymore with silly flings and one night stands. You tell yourself that this is the year you will meet ‘the one’. You tell yourself that this is the year everything will change. (Hate to break it to you, but it probably won’t). Just like the year before, you make bad decisions and hook up with people that you shouldn’t. When will the madness end?


At twenty-six, you attend more baby showers than you do weddings and you officially enter panic mode. You’ve been a bridesmaid three times already, and are at the point where you cry yourself to sleep almost every night. You’re done settling for just anyone. And you’re done being so god damn lonely.


At twenty-seven you have a change of heart and decide to not even try to date. You focus more on yourself than your other relationships and heal the parts of you that have been broken in the past. Twenty-seven is the year of bettering yourself and of getting to know your true, most authentic self. You honestly couldn’t care less about being in a relationship.


Twenty-eight is the year you stop worrying. It’s the year you become more patient with love and you truly believe that the one for you will find you when you’re ready. If you’re in a relationship right now, you’re incredibly happy to be in it and if you’re currently single, you are in love with the freedom that you have.


Maybe you’re married or maybe you’re still enjoying casual relationships with a new person every night. But no matter what stage you are at, here’s to hoping that love gets better in our 30s! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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