A Love Like Ours Was Never Meant To Last Forever


Our love was always burning.
Always lighting up the dark
and igniting tiny flames
overdosing on fresh matchboxes.

Our love was always burning.
A never ending forest fire
in a world where Christmas never ended
and you never stopped holding my hand.

Our love was always burning.
It used to blind me in it’s light and make me squint
but I see it now for what it was
and I want so desperately to call it magic.

But that’s just the thing.
Magic isn’t supposed to end.
And we were never made of stardust.
We burned out just like they said we would.

Our love was always burning.
But we burned too brightly.
We loved too madly.
And nothing that bright
and nothing that mad
could ever last forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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